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Gygrer, 2023

There were footprints in the emerald moss, did you see them? Right there, where the sugared roots nestle up the velvet rock. The fog is moving southeast, slowly, like an abandoned ship on a still, green ocean. As the insolent northwind keeps creeping into my ears, I almost overheard the sweet voice sailing away with it. Fenja, is it you? 


For her series Gygrer, 2023, Anaïs Horn portrayed some of the oldest Furu-trees in the Norwegian nature reserve Trollheimen. The photographs are printed on thin rice-paper, whilst the trees are cropped using gouache paint. Gygrer (from Norse gýgr) is the term for the female representatives of the Jotun troll clan in Norse literature. 

Alta, Angeya, inkjet prints on rice paper, gouache, embossing, all 40 x 30, in artist’s frame.

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