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The Waves

Installation for the Styrian Cultural Award 2022.

November 8th, 2022, Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria.

Anaïs Horn, THE SUN HAD NOT YET RISEN, 2020–2022, 4-channel video installation, color, sound, 06:30, sound by Eilert Asmervik and Paul Müller-Reyes, ONE with Daniela Trost, TWO with Eilert Asmervik and Anaïs Horn (additional camera: Eilert Asmervik, Daniela Trost), THREE with Daniela Trost, FOUR with Verena Walzl. Many thanks to Rendl Swimwear. 

Anaïs Horn, THE WAVES, 2020, series of 12 B/W prints, 90 x 60 cm each. 

Installation views:

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