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Blooming Simulacra

Exhibitions views from Birke Gorm & Anaïs Horn: Blooming Simulacra, kunstGarten, Graz, 2022. 

A glow of light on the drapery, flowers sinking into darkness, is it evening light streaming through a delicate curtain, or is it the last flicker of a candle that illuminates this image? How still are the objects in this still life, how dead is nature in this Nature Morte? Radical thinking (Baudrillard) draws its power - similar to the real image that makes conscious "this trembling of the world" - from the rejection of reality. Instead of creating transparency, the secret is reintroduced: Working out the illusion, creating it. Making mysterious what is clear, incomprehensible what is comprehensible: returning the world as we got it, incomprehensible. For "Blooming Simulacra" Horn stages living Still Lifes. A moment of emergence is depicted photographically, a moment in the course of passing, in circulation - a nocturnal illusion - made visible as it can never be visible. After this moment of appropriation, the living images are returned to nature and transformed: as witness remains the one image, the punctum. In the exhibition these pictures are presented - but also the living Still Lifes made of frames, fabrics and plants, which have then been left to the course of nature for several weeks and have changed, at every time of day and night, at every moment, will never look the same again. The secret of the individual image remains hidden forever.

Blooming Simulacra, installation, 2022, Duchesse-satin (indigo 80 × 50, purple 180 × 110, gold 130 × 80, petrol 120 × 190) on stretcher frames and aluminum stands.

We call change in a person the effect of time, 2022, video (color, sound), 2:50, sound composed and performed by Eilert Asmervik.

From the series: I like listening to night creatures, Untitled (Charles Austin, 1971), Untitled (Chrysler Imperial, 1952), Untitled (Salet, 1854), Untitled (Comte de Chambord, 1860), all 2022, direct prints on acrylic glass and laminated on alu-dibond, 60 × 40 cm each,
in artist’s frame.

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