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Die Hand voller Stunden, so kamst du zu mir

Exhibitions views from Anaïs Horn: Die Hand voller Stunden, so kamst du zu mir, curated by Reinhard Braun, Camera Austria, Graz, 2021. 

Anaïs Horn‘s exhibition Die Hand voller Stunden, so kamst du zu mir (Your Hand Full of Hours, You Came to Me) at Camera Austria, Graz, is an intimate reflection on the current moment of physical distancing and uncertainty. Taking its title from Paul Celan’s collection of poetry Mohn und Gedächtnis (Poppy and Memory, 1952), the show mixes the visual and the poetic, fragmenting images whilst encompassing different techniques, materials, formats, and registers. Examining the physicality of hands as a symbol of proximity, affection, and care, as well as a nonverbal tool of expression, Horn recounts a personal event as a starting point for a photographic and sculptural dérive, whilst creating a form that is consistently open to the process of becoming.

On the occasion of the exhibition an eponymous publication was published in the Edition Camera Austria with texts by Attilia Fattori Franchini and Wendy Vogel.

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Die Hand voller Stunden, so kamst du zu mir 1–15, 2020. 15 archival inkjet prints on Hahnemühle paper with embossing, 42 × 29.7 cm each.

You Would Wear It as Pajamas and Even to Go Out With It Before Breakfast, 2021. Yukata object, several photo prints on crêpe de chine, ca. 170 × 120 cm.

Abendzeichnung 1–4, 2020. Wax pastel and pencil on paper in artist’s frame, 42 × 29.7 cm each. Abendzeichnung 5, 2020. Collage, wax pastel, plants and pencil on paper in artist’s frame, 42 × 29.7 cm.

À Paris, le ciel me semble toujours plus proche (Quarantine Windows), 2021. Archival inkjet prints on Hahnemühle paper, with pencil notes and embossing, 59.4 × 42 cm each.

Portraits of a Paralyzed Hand, 2021. Installation with 5 antique Thonet piano stools, upholstering with photo prints on furniture velours, 3 cushions, photo prints on cotton satin and vintage fabrics, 50 × 50 cm each; childhood portraits, 2 Lamb- da c-prints, 29.7 × 21 cm each; My Right Hand, 2021, plaster cast, ca. 20 × 15 cm.

Reines de France et Femmes illustres, 2021, all 2021. 5 Lambda c-prints laminated on alu-dibond and behind acrylic glass, 60 × 40 cm each.

Beloved Hands 1–5, 2021. 5 Lambda c-prints, 40 × 30 cm each, in artist’s frame.

Paravent, from: Beloved Hands, 2021. Screen from walnut wood with 4 framed photo prints on silk satin, 190 × 180 cm (framed photos 75 × 50 cm and 80 × 100 cm).

Untitled, from: Beloved Hands, 2021. Curtain object, photo print on silk chiffon, 75 × 50 cm; Lambda c-prints in artist’s frame, 40 × 30 cm each.

As If Time Stood Still under These Blue Skies, 2021. Video (color, sound), 3’. Sound composed and performed by Eilert Asmervik.

Installation views taken at Camera Austria, Graz, 2021, (c)

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