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Event, videos, books and "Day After (Pill)" at Printed Matter, Chelsea

My video works "We call change in a person the effect of time", 2022, video (color, sound), 2:50, sound composed and performed by Eilert Asmervik.

"As If Time Stood Still Under These Blue Skies", 2021. Video (color, sound), 3’. Sound composed and performed by Eilert Asmervik.

"Longing Ghosts in Deep Blue Paranoia", 2022, color, sound, 13 min.

Sound composed and performed by Eilert Asmervik, words and voice by Estelle Hoy.

Irmi Horn: "Untitled", 2019, 02:01, as part of the project "How do you feel about 'Lou'".

have been shown in December and January on a dedicated display for my books, alongside my textile work "Day After (Pill), 2019.

Some photos from our event on December 8, 2022, at Printed Matter Chelsea,

An evening with Anaïs Horn & Eilert Asmervik: Double book launch, reading, conversation, videos and sound performance. Reading by Wendy Vogel and concert by Eilert Asmervik.

All my publications are available on

and in the shop:

Printed Matter, Inc.

231 11th Ave

New York, NY 10001


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