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Dec 17–21, 2022 The Grand Chelsea 270 W 17th street Anaïs Horn–Apt. 20 C 10011 NY

In a private, 20th-floor Chelsea apartment offering panoramic views of Manhattan from north to southwest, curious contradictions serve as substrate for the group exhibition Afterglow. Built in 1989, when America's neo-liberal economy seemed unstoppable, a popcorn roof crowns the wide windows that let light flood in day and night, acting both as borders and transmitters between the outside and the inside life. Elevated in the sky, the domestic space hosts no ghosts but promotes the illusion of detachment from street-level urban realities. In its attempt at simultaneous isolation and accessibility the apartment sets the tone in which the presented works oscillate around the private and the public, connection and alienation, intimacy and distance.

Curated by Anaïs Horn, Felix Kindermann and Eilert Asmervik, Afterglow features works by: Eilert Asmervik Elizabeth Beugg Tony Cokes Chloé Delanghe Lina Viste Grønli Anaïs Horn Felix Kindermann Brittany Adeline King Kris Lemsalu Adam Martin Patrick Carlin Mohundro Nancy Nowacek Michael Pollard Mary-Audrey Ramirez Kate Sansom Jake Shore Julie Stavad Chang Sujung George Egerton-Warburton and a text by Wendy Vogel.

Opening Reception Saturday, Dec 17 2022, 2–8 pm With sound performances by Lester St. Louis at 6 pm and Eilert Asmervik at 6.30 pm Opening Hours Dec 18–21 Sun 18 and Mon 19, 2–4 pm, and by appointment:

Supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum NY The Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport Flanders State of the Art


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